Pump PA70


649,00 zł

649,00 zł tax incl.


Rotary pumps with by-pas. They are designed for pumping fuel or diesel oil, most often used to pump fuel oil from the main tank to the daily tank. 230 V 50 Hz motor with forced cooling, 2 pole. The pump body is made of cast iron, the impeller is also made of cast iron, and the connections are made of brass, the shaft is made of stainless steel. Mechanical seal with graphite-ceramic friction steam. Class F insulation; IP54 protection. The PA1 70 pump is a self-priming, vane pump with by-pass.


Technical data:
- efficiency up to 70 l / min.,
- 230V power supply,
- 550 W power,
- turnover / min 2800,
- I / O 1 "
- continuous work cycle,
- cast iron housing,
- 2 meters cable with plug


Set of paddles 90.00 PLN (tax not included)

Not suitable for water or gasoline.