Tank cleaning and distributors service

As a result of storage of various types of materials, including diesel oil, after a certain time, layers of deposits and deposits precipitated from the bottom of the fuel are formed on the walls and bottom of each tank. In addition, water condenses in particular in above-ground tanks. It is then recommended to clean the tank. One of the methods of cleaning above-ground tanks with a capacity of up to 10 m3 is a technology based on a circulation filter plate with a cellulose cartridge, which allows quick and efficient removal of impurities (metal particles, physical impurities) and water without losses in fuel. The system does not require emptying the fuel from the tank and does not cause waste. It works in a closed circuit, collecting fuel from the tank and filtering it again, placing it in the tank. The movement of the liquid returning to the tank creates turbulence, raising all impurities and deposits from the bottom, which along with the fuel sucked by the pump go to the filtration chamber. The filtering cycles enable full removal of dirt and water, ensuring cleanliness of the tank itself and the fuel in it.

There is no clear time when cleaning the tank should be done. This depends mainly on the quality of the fuel.

The service of fuel distributors requires a lot of knowledge, experience and precision. Internal fuel stations, especially in large companies, must provide work around the clock. And some faults simply can not be predicted, even with regular equipment maintenance. In the event of a breakdown, our company performs the fastest possible service of distributors with hydraulic and electronic systems from such manufacturers as: PIUSI, ADAM PUMPS, TUTHILL, GESPASA. Most repairs are done "on the spot" at the customer's site and our service is equipped with necessary tools and spare parts for pumps, meters and distributors of popular manufacturers.