How to efficiently store gasoline, oils, aviation fuel?

Is it worth using special tanks for liquid fuel? Laws are required for this, especially regarding environmental protection. In addition, tanks are practical, safe and comfortable.

The difference between the retail price and the wholesale price is huge and often amounts to 40 - 50 gr / liter, which gives 400 - 500 PLN per 1000 liters of oil. Therefore, it seems reasonable to equip it with a suitable storage tank for the storage of liquid fuels. Thanks to this small investment, the problem of fuel spillage when refueling from barrels or other containers is eliminated, and thanks to the mounted meters and level indicators, it is easy to control the fuel consumption. Having a permanent supplier guarantees the highest quality of fuel.

The Diesel & Oil company has in its assortment stationary above ground plastic tanks - capacity 1500, 2500, 5000 and 9000 liters and steel tanks (above and underground) - with a capacity of from 3000 to 100,000 liters. All stationary tanks can be equipped with a distribution system (230V pump, meter, 6m hose and automatic gun, as well as a filter absorbing water and dirt) install in a lockable cabinet, equipped with electrical installation and LED lighting.

The fact that it is worth equipping your company with a diesel tank should not only convince you of savings and convenience, but also the law. With Poland joining the European Union in 2004, anyone who stores or transports fuel is obliged to comply with certain requirements. It is unacceptable to store fuels and oils in barrels, mauzers and underground and ground steel one-tank containers. According to the regulations, all double-shell tanks with a capacity of more than 2.5 m3 should be reported for operation at the local technical supervision office (UDT). It is worth noting that tanks (in the meaning of construction law) are neither a building nor a building and have a portable structure (they are not permanently connected with the land), and therefore do not require a building permit. All these requirements are explained by the European Union with actions aimed at increasing safety and environmental protection.

All tanks offered by Diesel & Oil have the necessary documents and certificates allowing for operation in Poland and the entire EU.