We invite wholesalers and distributors of agricultural equipment from all over Poland to cooperate

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The high demand for fuel in Polish agriculture has prompted us to invest in equipment for this sector of the economy. As a large company covering all of Poland and the countries of the European Union, we will establish cooperation with companies dealing in the distribution of agricultural equipment. For our part, we can offer highly specialized equipment, convenient terms of cooperation and professional service. We also help in obtaining co-financing.

Mini petrol stations


We offer complete, portable fuel ministries that meet all the latest requirements for the storage and distribution of liquid fuels, with volumes of 1500 l, 2500 l, 5000 l and 10000 l.




The production of biodiesel is becoming more and more profitable in our country, which is why our offer could not be missing the best in our market

oil and esterification agents for the production of biodiesel.


Fuel kits and distributors


Some farmers already have their own fuel tanks, which is why we also offer: fuel distribution kits powered by 12/24 volts, as well as 230 volts, and fully professional distributors.


Counters, pumps, guns, filters


The small equipment used for the distribution of fuels and oil is very popular among farmers. The most frequently purchased products are: counters, pumps, guns and filters.