We have been working in the fuel trade since 2000. We work with companies,which reject and transport ON and Pb fuels as well as oils. In regard of the dynamically changing trade rules, it’s very important to correctly manage of the company by costs control.

An important part is costs related to transport, and in particular the purchase of fuels or AdBlue. Our products can effectively contribute to better quality control of purchased fuel, selection of a conscientious supplier, obtaining a wholesale price and the use of the fact of Poland's accession to the European Union, which implies the possibility of full refueling your sets in Poland.


We would like to offer you two types of mobile storage tanks for diesel oil. Plastic tanks with a capacity of 200l to 9.000l with a distribution system and steel container stations with capacities from 5.000l to 100.000l equipped with fuel management systems.


We export our products also abroad, e.g to Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and to Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.


Our goal is to provide comprehensive services for companies related to the transport and fuel industries, as well as the agricultural and construction industry.

We want our customers to always feel fully satisfied. We wish you all success in 2018.