9000MC -Diesel&Oil

Producer: Diesel & Oil

Plastic tank with a capacity of 9,000 liters, double-walled with distribution system, for internal use, for petroleum products with flashpoint above 55 ° C with a distribution cabinet.

According to the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy of September 18, 2001, tanks with an up to 2.5m3 are covered by simplified technical supervision. During the operation of the tank, covered by simplified technical supervision, the body of the competent technical inspection unit does not perform technical tests.


Technical data:
- nominal capacity 9,000 liters
- dimensions:
  * length: 3310 mm
  * width: 2550 mm
  * height: 2980mm
- weight 640 kg
- revision hatch in an external 16 "tank
- inspection hatch in the inner tank


The dimensions and capacity of the tank may vary up to +/- 5%.


Distribution system:
- Cube70MC management system for up to 50 users
- Panther 72 pump with a capacity of up to 70 l / min
- K600 electronic pulser with accuracy of +/- 0.5%
- 6 meters long discharge hose
- A60 automatic refuelling nozzle
- Kit Keys including: key reader, 10 keys of the users, managerial key for data transfer on a PC and system administration, PC software for reporting refueling


- version up to 120 users
- a filter absorbing water and impurities of 65 l / min
- Clear Captor glass filter
- Ocio fuel level indicator
- hose reel
- extension of the hose to the nozzle
- hose holder
- electrical installation with LED lighting


It’s possible to combine tanks in batteries!


Polyethylene tank tak
Inspection hole with cover tak
pressure hose 6 m
Dimensions 3,31 x 2,55 x 3,00
Weight 640
pump PA 70, przepływ do 70 l/min
Automatic nozzle tak
Nozzle handle tak
Storage of diesel tak
Double-walled tank tak
Producent Diesel&Oil
Pump PA 70, przepływ do 70 l/min

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