2500EKO - Diesel&Oil


Mobile, double-walled tank with a capacity of 2500l, designed for storing and distributing oils (engine, gear, vegetable, eg RAPE), with a density up to 2000 cSt

According to the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy of September 18, 2001, tanks with an up to 2.5m3 are covered by simplified technical supervision. During the operation of the tank, covered by simplified technical supervision, the body of the competent technical inspection unit does not perform technical tests.


Technical data:
- nominal capacity 2500 liters
- dimensions:
*diameter with distribution box: 2200 mm
*diameter without distribution box: 1800 mm
*height: 2021 mm
- weight 220 kg


Size and capacity of the tank may vary up to +/- 5%.

Standard equipment:
- Viscomat 70 pump with flow up to 25 l / min
- K400 digital flowmeter
- EasyOil nozzle
- 4 meters hose
- nozzle handle


Additional option:
- heating system with a thermostat


Polyethylene tank tak
Inspection hole with cover tak
Digital flow meter K-400
pressure hose 4 m
Dimensions 2,20 x 1,80 x 2,00
Weight 220 kg
Automatic nozzle A60
Nozzle handle tak
Producent Diesel&Oil
Pump Viscomat 70 o przepływie do 25 l/min
heating system with thermostat opcja
double-walled tank tak

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