MicroMAT - Diesel&Oil

Producer: Diesel & Oil

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MicroMAT - a new product from the Micro terminal line.

Functionality, simple operation, modern technology at an attractive price !!!
-it controls the dispensing of fuel using proximity key rings and cards (RFID Unicode 125 kHz)
-there is possibility of single or double identification (driver and vehicle) to get the fuel
-each card can be secured with a PIN, but there is no need- (system won’t be request for it )
-not limited number of cards in the system
-the system keeps the registration of refueling by registering:
*date of refueling
*time of refueling
*who is refueling
*to which vehicle / machine
*the number of liters of fuel
*the state of the meter, for example kilometers or motohour
*at what level of the totalizer the refueling was completed
- every vehicle and driver are described as a company, so there is possibility of divided refueling into different recipients
- the system may require the driver to enter the meter's status (kilometers or moto hours)
- the system is managed via a web browser (no software is required to be installed on
user's computers, the machine contains all software)
- the system allows you to print a report of refueling or to export this report to a “txt” file
- the ability to archive data as a database file or in a text file
- the system has an internal totalizer (totalizer totalizer)
- communication with the machine via LAN (optional WiFi) and GPRS (SIM card with IP is required)
- the system only handles delivery circuits counting impulses from the flow meter (it does not support professional users distributors)
- the possibility of connecting a 4-20mA probe

-height 300 mm
-width 210 mm
-depth 120 mm

Producent Diesel&Oil