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DIGIMAG XMT magnetostrictive probe


4 999,00 zł

4 999,00 zł tax incl.


The DIGIMAG XMT magnetostrictive probe measures the level of fuel and water in the tank.

A very accurate and precise measuring system based on the most accurate technology - the phenomenon of magnetostriction.

The probe is ATEX certified. Intended for ground and underground tanks as well as for all types of liquid fuels and LPG.

 Technical data:
- accuracy: +/- 0.5 mm,
- resolution: +/- 0.1 mm,
- length 200-35000 mm (optionally up to 4500mm with extra charge),
- 9-30 Vdc power supply
- RS 485 digital communication (optional GSM communication).

The probe registers:
- medium level
- water level
- medium temperature
- history of changes in the amount of medium and temperature changes

Optionally, the GUM test certificate can be obtained.
It works with the MacroMat system and can work as an independent device.