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Cleaning plastic tanks - Diesel&Oil


In order to provide our customers with full service of plastic tanks, we offer cleaning tanks.The technology based on the circulation plate filter allows quick and efficient removal of dirt and water without losses on fuel. The system does not require empty ing the fuel from the tank and does not cause any waste.

The plate filter with a cellulose insert allows the elimination of metal particles, physical impurities and water pollution from the tanks without the need to remove the fuel from the tank. The system operates in a closed circuit, collecting fuel from the tank, filtering it and  placing back into the tank. The movement of the returning liquid to the tank make turbulence, raising all impurities and deposits from the bottom of the tank, which along with the fuel are sucking by the pump and go to the filtration chamber. The cyclicity of filtering allows full removal of dirt and water, ensuring cleanliness of the tank and the fuel in it.

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