Pump Panther DC - PIUSI


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Self-priming rotary vane pump Panther DC 24 / 12V PIUSI with a capacity of up to 70l / min for pumping diesel. The Panther DC 24V / 12V DC pump is equipped with a by-pass valve, which minimizes pump damage. The Panther DC pump is made of cast iron. The Panther DC pump is perfect for places where the only available source of electric current is the car battery.


Technical data:
- flow 70/35 l / min,
- 24V and 12V power supply,
- power 420 and 130W,
- revolutions / min. 3600/1800,
- weight 7.5 kg,
- in / out. 1 '' BSP,
- dimensions: 135x355x270 mm.
-2 meters power cable with clamps


Kit of paddles 90,00 PLN (tax not included)

A 30-minute pump working cycle.

Not suitable for water or gasoline.


Product features:

Weight: 7.5 kg

Power: 24V